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Check out the music released by Hurting Murphy from 2000 to present. Cherished and admired by fans around the nation, Hurting Murphy has created an impressive career and an ever-growing fanbase. Entertaining and original, Hurting Murphy, raises the bar with every new release. To inquire about bookings, guest appearances, or interviews get in touch today.

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Other than meeting fans, there is nothing that Hurting Murphy loves more than writing new music and recording it in the studio. The debut album January Flowers was released back in 2011 and audiences can’t seem to get enough. There is no doubt that Hurting Murphy is a musician that’s here to stay.


Aspiring to become an exceptional solo artist, Hurting Murphy has worked hard throughout the years, enriching a long musical repertoire and improving musical abilities all the time. Those years have paid off, and The Trap is proof. Fun, exciting and undoubtedly original, these songs will never leave you.


Hurting Murphy loves mixing up musical styles and enjoys adding jazz, dance and rock elements to songs in the studio. Released in 2016, Shudder gives an idea of what Hurting Murphy does best. Check out the incredible musical technique and dynamic style range, and get in touch if you’d like to hear more.

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